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Babyface by Jules - Beauty Hacks Using Baby Products!


Mark Williams Studio


On January 31st, Julian entered the world happy & healthy weighing in at 8lbs 11oz, 22 inches long. Only a few months into Mommyhood, I’ve come to realize that all babies, even the best babies who don’t have colic and sleep 8+ hours at night, are non-verbal moving targets that keep you on your toes! Raising this precious little one is an amazing adventure that changes daily. I'm enjoying my new role being his Momma and I am crazy in love! 

Erin Rene Photography

For my first blog back from maternity leave I wanted to do something geared towards Moms & beauty. Having less time and so many new baby items, I started to realize I could use them for beauty purposes too! Here are several items you probably already have and tips on how you can start using them:

  • Baby Oil
    • Body moisturizer
    • Shaving oil
  • Baby Powder
    • Sprinkle a small amount to your roots to act as Dry Shampoo.
    • Using a Q-tip add a light layer of baby powder to your lashes in between coats for added thickness. 
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Wipes
    • Can also be used as a makeup wipe. We don’t recommend using wipes all the time since a major amount of dirt will build up over time, but in a pinch these work great!
  • Lanolin or Vaseline
    • Use to lock in moisture for very dry or chapped skin. Lips, under eyes, and cuticles respond really well to the hydration boost.
    • Add a tiny bit to loose powdered blush to make crème blush.
    • Use around your hairline to avoid getting dye stains on your skin.
  • Coconut Oil (SOO many uses)
    • Amazing for diaper rash!
    • Moisturizer for face and very dry skin or chapped areas.
    • Makeup remover
    • Shaving oil & after shave

Emily recently shared a great blog entry about dialing down your makeup to the basics to save time, which could be especially great for Moms. Hopefully using all of these tips will help you time and money by using things you already have!  

Till next time dolls,

Xo- Jules


Review and Money Saving How To on DIY Hair Extensions!

Have you ever been flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine or scrolling through Pinterest and found a long voluminous hairstyle that you would just love to wear for your wedding, prom or any special occasion??? Chances are clip in extensions made that style possible. Mandy recently wrote about how much she loved clip in hair extensions and ways to work them into your hairstyles, both formal and casual in her blog from several weeks ago (

I was curious. I use them on clients and love the results but never on myself. I normally wear my hair on the shorter side so I didn’t really want to make a huge investment in extensions not really knowing if they would be a compliment to my hair or not. I decided to buy a hair weft, which is just a long piece of hair sown together, cut it into pieces and sew clips on myself. I found all of this at my local beauty supply. My entire monetary investment was under $40, the time however was a lot… Was it worth the savings? I would say so… but only if you have a lot of free time on your hands :) haha

What do you need?

  • Hair Weft (human hair works best)
  • Wig Clips
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Needle & Strong Matching Thread

To start I measured out and cut two 4 inch pieces and one 3 inch piece of hair for the back, two 1 ½ inch pieces and two 1 inch pieces for the side.

I then sewed the wig clips on. I used three clips evenly spaced on the large sections and one in the center on the smaller sections.

Next I colored the hair to better match mine and trimmed the hair to blend with my own. Coloring may be a step you can skip if you can find a hair piece to match yours at the beauty supply store or you can take them with you to your to your next salon visit and have you stylist do this for you. Just make sure to mention it when you make the appointment so that they will have enough time.

The clip ins worked great and I loved the feeling and look of fullness it gave me… but I decided to cut my hair a week later… Go figure! I’ll save them for the holidays! It may be long enough to play with them again by then :) All and all I would definitely say give it a try; everybody needs a little DIY project!

Happy Crafting!



Sexy Summer Legs!

As I write this, I’ve just gotten home from the gym and chugged a smoothie the color of seaweed, all in the name of preparing for bikini season.  It’s one of my favorite rituals, a spring cleaning of sorts, and nothing is more inspirational (and completely unrealistic) than the bathing suit catalogues that arrive in the mail.  Y’all know what I’m talking about!

Since we don’t get to catwalk around through the lens of a professional camera, strategic poses, and extreme computer photoshopping, a couple of tricks can help us have just a little more confidence when clothing gets scarce.


THE exercise for fast results and definition?  Calf raises!  Stand on your tip toes and raise and lower your feet.  I like to do this while I’m brushing my teeth, because let’s face it – multitasking is the only way anything gets done in my world!


This is the most important step to enhancing the appearance of your legs.  I use exfoliating gloves with a ping pong size glob of St. Ives Apricot Scrub to slough that dead skin off.  Once in a while when I’m feeling creative, I’ll make my own scrub.  The caffeine in coffee is an awesome temporary cellulite smoother, so I will mix coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut oil to not only exfoliate, but smooth and moisturize at the same time.  (Unfortunately there is no proven cure for cellulite, but please know that EVERYONE has it, even supermodels!)  Cell turnover slows as we age, so the older we get, the more important exfoliation becomes.  One important note:  exfoliate before shaving!  You’ll get the closest shave ever!


We are definitely not proponents of tanning beds, but there is an alternative that actually looks fabulous – Fake Bake.  Apply with the mitt to protect your palms, and smooth in after exfoliating and shaving for the longest lasting results.  This color is the prettiest and most natural that I’ve found, and the ease of application is almost too good to be true!  Don’t be in a hurry to get dressed, and to get the darkest color, apply without moisturizer.  (A self-tanner is THE best way to disguise stretch marks!)


I’ve always loved St. Ives moisturizers, and the brand has different levels to suit your personal skin type.  I always want the heaviest moisturizer for my legs, so I use the 24 HR Deep Restoring kind.  I use it every night, but on my self-tanning nights, I skip the lotion.  When they are feeling extra dry, I will apply pure coconut oil, which gives them a gorgeous shine without the greasy feeling of olive or grapeseed oil.  That little bit of sheen from coconut oil also helps visually elongate your legs during the daytime, so it’s your best friend when you are wearing something short.  (Dollface LOVES coconut oil, by the way – search it on the right to find some of our favorite ways to use it!)


Yep, makeup for your legs is absolutely acceptable.  Between spider veins and stretch marks, Temptu Body Camo is my thighs’ biggest ally.  It is water resistant and will last for around two days because of its silicone based formulation.  Can you say perfect for vacation!?  To add a quick tan, don’t be afraid to apply some bronzer.  The same kind you use on your face is fine.  My favorite is The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer - gorgeous color and shimmer perfect for a sunkissed glow.  And if you have just a minute more, apply a highlight in a line down the center of your legs (try The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer).  This creates mile-long gams with a glow that won’t risk any oil on your clothes.

So now that your legs are the envy of everyone at the beach, feel free to strut your stuff.  After all, confidence is the best beauty trick!




Bridal Hair Styles!

One of the most important, and sometimes the hardest, decisions brides have to make is how they want to style their hair for their wedding. There are so many different ways to get inspiration, from magazines to Pinterest; it can definitely be overwhelming! My suggestion of how to narrow down your options would be to choose from one of the three: all up, half up, or all down. This will help tremendously, and then you can see what details you desire later on.  

 Photo by Kristian Bishop Photography

                                          Photo by Kristian Bishop Photography                                             

Having your hair styled all up is the most worry free option. Once it is all pinned and hair sprayed, and sprayed some more, you are good to go all night long! This is a really great style for outside weddings, especially in the warmer, more humid months of the year. Updo’s are very elegant in my opinion, and I love how intricate they can be.


                                                 Photos by Mike Briggs Photography

Another way that is very common in bridal hair is a half up style. It lets the bride have the best of both worlds, and is a great choice for someone who is having a hard time deciding. You still have the comfort of letting some of your hair be down, but also feel confident that it will stay in place where it is pinned. I love to add braids and twists to my half up styles!


Photos by Erin Rene Photography

Last but definitely not least is all down! Brides are starting to leave their hair down more and more and I love it! The trick with this style is to set the hair as early as you can. Once the hair has been set in the desired curl pattern all day, it will remain for twice as long than if you just curl it. Another must is awesome hair spray. I prefer clean hair for most styles, but specifically for hair that is going to be kept down. My belief is that I would rather dirty up the hair with products, rather then have it weighed down with natural oils.

Hopefully I have helped all of you brides out there with deciding your wedding hairstyle! Whichever you choose for your big day, it will be beautiful!

Happy Wedding Season!! 

<3 Mandy


Camping + Beauty Routine = Happy Camper??? 

I recently went on my first real camping trip, and by real I mean a tent, no running water to speak of, and electricity… what is that?... Real camping. Now for the girl that always packs a separate bag for toiletries, i.e. hair and makeup, this was a source of serious PANIC. Not wanting to look like “that girl” to the other campers I decided it was time to simplify! And I actually made it an entire weekend without a suitcase full of beauty products. Gasp! The time and effort it saved me was, to put it mildly, liberating. This got me thinking that new moms, hard working professionals, and even busy students might be able to benefit from some simplification of their own routine.

First I thought, “What are my necessities?”…

Coconut oil- I use it for everything, facial cleanser, eye makeup remover, moisturizer, lip balm, the list goes on, not to mention it’s my favorite cooking oil!

SPF- you should not ever walk outside of your house without it on. Period!

Dry Shampoo- I’m so excited about this product Redken just released… It’s called Pillow Proof. My clients are loving it because it extends their blow outs for days and it weathered the test of time on my trip. It’s a two part system (so it did take up a little room in my bag). Part one is a primer, add your favorite styling products next, blow dry as usual and use part two as a refresher (dry shampoo) daily.

Bobby Pins- This may seem a little indulgent but they save my hair daily and if you are ever in a pinch, just channel your inner MacGyver… think of all the things he could’ve made happen with them!

Baby wipes- the possibilities are endless.

For my makeup (yes I wore some… vanity never dies) I prepped with a little coconut oil, a baby wipe and SPF. I dusted my face lightly with a pressed powder. They are great for quick even coverage. The Dollface girls always rely on Naked Minerals. Find it at


I then filled in my brows a bit, added some mascara, a little bronzer around the hairline, cheeks, and chin, and finished it off with a little tinted lip balm. To tell you the truth I’ve continued to keep up this look ever since and I love it, not to mention the time it saves me! I sprayed a little dry shampoo in my hair and pinned it up and I was ready to go for the day. 

Sometimes simplicity reigns!

 Photo by Erin Rene Photography Makeup by Emily Warren, Dollface by Jules So for all of my friends and family that laughed at the thought of me on this venture… I survived! Just because I enjoy makeup and hair and making things beautiful doesn’t mean that I don’t find beauty and enjoyment of nature and natural elements. In fact I think people are the most beautiful when they are natural and being outdoors inspires me. It was nice to be away from technology and the constant beep of my phone. I’m even looking forward to my next camping trip!

I hope this finds you all happy campers!

Until next time,