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Paint the Town RED with us...

On Thursday, September 4th, Broughton Street, right in the heart of downtown Savannah, shuts down for Savannah Fashion Night Out and turns into the fashion mecca of the south. With runways on either ends of the street displaying the latest trends for fall, it is a must attend event if you are in the area. This year our team will be front and center, not only as the makeup team but also hosting the hottest party on the street.

We are inviting all SFNO attendees to “Paint the Town RED” with us and asking them to try out “Redy or Not,” the perfect red lip from the new cosmetic line “Jules: More than Makeup” in celebration of it launching that night. There will be lip bars setup on the street and in the Dollface studio nestled above Paris Market on Broughton. Our studio will be the heart of the launch party, boasting red carpets, step and repeats, lights and cameras, sure to make you feel as glamorous as a celebrity with your lips dressed in red.


 If you are in Savannah we would love for you to be our guest to help celebrate the launch of “Jules: More than Makeup” while enjoying Savannah Fashion Night on Out on historic Broughton St. The shows starts promptly at 7:00 so be sure to drop by our studio while you mingle down the street in true Savannah style.

Looking forward to seeing you there!




Dramatic Lip How-To

One of the biggest trends right now is the ultra dark lip.  Although it may seem intimidating, you can actually personalize this color to suit your individual style.

What you’ll need:

OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia

MUFE Lip Line Perfector

Any deep burgundy lip liner.  (I actually like Wet N’ Wild in Brandywine because I can build the intensity of the color.)

Optional:  A matching lipstick or lipgloss.

The easiest way to wear this color is as a stain.  Think of your lips when you drink red wine or cherry Koolaid, but prettier.  Line your lips with the clear lipliner to keep the color from bleeding outside your lips, and color the dark lipliner from the center of your lips outward.  Apply the Lip Tar to the inside of your lips with a lip brush.  Then, use a Q-tip to blend the color out, keeping the intensity in the center and having it fade into a more natural color on the outside.

Since this look is fun but still semi-natural, your eye makeup can be at whatever intensity level you want.  A stain like this looks really beautiful with a smoky eye and a little black dress.

My favorite way to wear this color is with full intensity.  It isn’t difficult to do, but it does take a little extra time.  Line the outside of your lips with the clear lipliner first to keep the color from bleeding, then line the inside with the dark lip liner.  This helps me by creating a guide I can color inside.  Continue to “color” with the lip liner, fading it into your lips, creating a long lasting base for the Lip Tar.  Apply the Lip Tar with a lip brush, starting in the center of your lips and blending outward.  With this product, the teeniest bit on your brush will cover your lips, so practice restraint when applying.  At this point I usually move on to something else on my face such as my eyes, in order to give the color a chance to absorb into my lips.  After a few minutes, apply a second layer of Lip Tar and correct any mess ups with your dark liner.  Finish applying your makeup, and as a final optional step, apply either gloss or a matching lipstick for added intensity.  Use a straight flat brush to press a skin tone pressed powder into the outside line of your lips, perfecting your lip line and reinforcing the staying power of the color.

For day wear, this look is pretty dramatic, so to balance the intensity of the lips, keep your eye makeup fairly natural.  Add a flick of eyeliner for a subtle cat eye effect to take your makeup from day to night quickly.  Emerald is a big color this fall, and I love how it looks ultra-glam with this lip.

The best advice I can give when you’re trying something new is to practice the look on a day you aren’t going out.  Besides, there really is something extra special about cleaning the house in burgundy lipstick.

Until next time dolls,  XOXO,



Bridal Hair Styles!

One of the most important, and sometimes the hardest, decisions brides have to make is how they want to style their hair for their wedding. There are so many different ways to get inspiration, from magazines to Pinterest; it can definitely be overwhelming! My suggestion of how to narrow down your options would be to choose from one of the three: all up, half up, or all down. This will help tremendously, and then you can see what details you desire later on.  

Photo by Kristian Bishop Photography


                                                Photo by Kristian Bishop Photography                                             

Having your hair styled all up is the most worry free option. Once it is all pinned and hair sprayed, and sprayed some more, you are good to go all night long! This is a really great style for outside weddings, especially in the warmer, more humid months of the year. Updo’s are very elegant in my opinion, and I love how intricate they can be.



Photos by Mike Briggs Photography

    Another way that is very common in bridal hair is a half up style. It lets the bride have the best of both worlds, and is a great choice for someone who is having a hard time deciding. You still have the comfort of letting some of your hair be down, but also feel confident that it will stay in place where it is pinned. I love to add braids and twists to my half up styles!


 Photos by Erin Rene Photography

Last but definitely not least is all down! Brides are starting to leave their hair down more and more and I love it! The trick with this style is to set the hair as early as you can. Once the hair has been set in the desired curl pattern all day, it will remain for twice as long than if you just curl it. Another must is awesome hair spray. I prefer clean hair for most styles, but specifically for hair that is going to be kept down. My belief is that I would rather dirty up the hair with products, rather then have it weighed down with natural oils.

Hopefully I have helped all of you brides out there with deciding your wedding hairstyle! Whichever you choose for your big day, it will be beautiful!

Happy Wedding Season!! 

<3 Mandy



Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

So, let’s get right to it… When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

 Whenever I ask this question of a client in my chair, I am often met with a deer-in-the-headlights sort of expression that tells me all that I need to know.  We are all guilty of it; myself included - with my personal brushes, I mean.  So if your brushes are not feeling quite as soft as the day you first bought them, here are a few ways to bring their sexy back.


First and foremost, proper sanitation and hygiene practices help to keep you skin free from acne, and in some cases, diminishes the spread of viruses like conjunctivitis and skin rashes.  The tightly compacted bristles on your makeup brush can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria as they pick up the dirt and oils found on your face.  Extra special attention should be paid to tools that make contact with the more moist parts of the face, such as around the eyes and lips.  Let’s be honest, pinkeye is not cute.

In addition to health reasons, dirty brushes will hold you back from getting a beautiful end result.  When dirty, the fluffy brushes used for your face and blush will cause your product to apply blotchy or streaky; dirty shadow brushes will cause your shadow pigment to look muddy.


Sanitize & Quick Clean – You want to disinfect your makeup brushes after every use.  An easy and affordable way to do that is by keeping Wet Ones on your vanity and gently wiping down your brushes after use.  Or you can invest in a daily brush cleaner spray like the one from Sephora.  These formulas are not only anti-bacterial, but also quick drying for transitioning between products and colors, or changing your makeup look from day to evening.

  • For larger, fluffy brushes, keep your Wet One wipe or paper towel moistened with brush cleaner flat and gently swirl remove products.
  • For smaller brushes, gently pinch the bristles between your thumb and forefinger using a wipe or paper towel moistened with brush cleaner and wiggle the brush back and forth until clean. 
  • MUA TIP: Do not soak the bristles and be sure to reshape the brush after cleaning to prevent fly-aways.


Deep Clean -- We suggest a weekly deep clean for brushes. Pick a day, example Sunday night, and try to develop a routine.  We recommend baby shampoo for real hair brushes and Dawn dishsoap for synthetic brushes.  Usually eye shadow and blush brushes are real hair, foundation and concealer brushes are synthetic.  Follow the directions below, just eliminate the baking soda. 

Super Deep Clean – Like you, your makeup brushes deserve a long, warm bubble bath from time to time. I like to give my brushes a really deep clean at least once a month.  My favorite cleaning combination is a 1tsp of baking soda and 1tbsp baby shampoo mixed with 1/4cup of warm water.  The key to this cleaning method is not to overdo it.  Makeup brushes are porous, so a bit of this formula on the tip of the bristles will be enough to clean the entire brush.

  • Sanitize brushes first to clean to break down excessive oil buildup and bacteria.
  • Dip the brush into the cleaning solution, then on a flat surface-like a plate- make small gentle circles.
  • Rinse brushes in warm water and squeeze excess water with a dry paper towel.
  • Reshape bristles and lay flat or hang dry.
  • MUA TIP: Avoid getting water in the ferrule of the brush (the metal piece that holds the bristles together and attaches bristles to the handle) to avoid rusting and to keep the glue from breaking down.  No one wants to end up with a bald brush!

Regardless of the size of your brush collection, you have made a financial investment into making it what it is.  That said, if you take good care of your brushes they will take good care of you, keep you acne free, and will be tools in your makeup arsenal for years to come.

Happy scrubbing!


Makeup Fix

It has happened to us all… in the midst of the morning rush while applying your makeup, one false move and you watch in slow motion as your compact hits the floor. SPLAT! You hold your breath as you rush to pick it up, nervously fidgeting to pry it open, you let out a frustrated breath as you realize the absolute worst has happened… not just cracked but shattered! I know in the moment you are tempted to trash it, but do NOT give in! This can be fixed pretty easily :) All you need is a little rubbing alcohol and some patience.

First add several drops of alcohol directly to your broken makeup in its compact. The product will begin to absorb the alcohol and the broken powder will become soft. Next you start smudging the softened powder around creating a paste like consistency. Then begin to reform it by smoothing it out into its original container with your finger, the back of a small spoon or any other tool of choice. Let it dry overnight (just being precautious), and wake up to your powder perfectly pressed in place like brand new!

The great thing about using alcohol to repair you makeup is that it not only works but you also don’t have to worry about it drying out your face or aggravating your skin. As the reformed powder dries out the alcohol you used completely evaporates from the product. How nifty is that?!?

You could even use this trick to create custom shadow colors or a transitional shade for going into fall with your left over summer and winter colors that would also work for spring. The options are endless!!! It’s a simple way to do more with less; which is core value for #teamdollface!

 I hope this helps the next time you’re in a pinch ;)… This is a nice glass of bubbly!