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Heroin Chic How To

As I finally present a shoot whose reveal has been months in the making, I wanted to show you that although you may want to skip the full-body grunge look, a heroin chic eye is actually wearable AND easy to do!  Black is classic no matter how you wear it, and combining that class with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll is what makes this look fun!

Look at my shoot in our online magazine for some inspiration!


The trick is to do your eye makeup before you do anything else, including and especially foundation and concealer.  Using so much of a dark color can create fallout, that pesky color that ends up on your cheeks after you apply eyeshadow, and erasing black from a perfectly makeup-ed complexion is nearly impossible.  It’s much more practical to dust off any fallout BEFORE you apply your face makeup, and in this way, you will get the cleanest black eye ever!

When I’m applying my eye makeup before anything else, it helps me to start with my brows.  This way, even if the rest of my face is bare, I have something to help me focus on my eyes instead of being distracted by my lack of foundation.

A well groomed brow, as well as flawless skin and lips, are essential to this look in particular, simply because a true heroin chic eye is messy.  And in the law of balance, only one messy thing is allowed on your face.  Ok, I made that up, but it really is vital to being able to rock this eye!  For a how-to on brows, check out

After your brows are groomed, you will begin to apply your eye makeup.  The first step is applying a base (MAC Blacktrack).  This is the perfect opportunity to use those spongy makeup brushes that come in an eyeshadow pack.  Apply to your lashline first, then blend upward.  Speed is essential, because you want to blend before the product sets, and this product sets FAST!  (Remember, it doesn’t have to be too perfect!  Some amount of smudge you can vouch for as intentional!)  Your fingers are warm and readily available so they make the perfect blending tool.

(Make sure your hands are CLEAN!)

A great thing about this is that you can layer, so if you’re uncertain and apply too little, a second coat is all you need!  Apply from lashline to crease and blend, and don’t forget to also draw the base on your bottom lashline too.  This stuff is so important for the bottom of your eyes, because you don’t want to look in the mirror later on in the day to find your cheeks are black – this helps prevent that!

When you’ve got your base to the point you like it (and I promise it doesn’t have to be perfect for this to work!), apply a matte black eyeshadow (Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow in Butterfly Black).  Use a shadow brush to press the powder into the base you’ve already applied.  Don’t forget the corners and the bottom.  I used the same brush for all areas to really embrace the messiness.  You should begin to see a panda bear in the mirror!  Remind yourself that it’s ok!

Now, here’s my trick to actually wear this look out into the world – take a very dark matte brown eyeshadow and press it into the edges of the black where it meets your skin.  This diffuses the black just a little bit without taking away any of its intensity!  Voila!  The panda bear has become less goth and more relatable!

Your next step is to take a fluffy brush and blend all the edges out with that famous windshield wiper motion we are always talking about!  The black will blend with the brown which will blend with your skin.

At this point, you probably have some pretty significant fallout on your face.  It’s nothing that a cotton ball and Q-tip can’t solve.  Dollface loves Embryollise moisturizer, and it doubles as a makeup remover.  Apply a bit to your cotton tool of choice, and wipe away the excess makeup.  Make sure that you also wipe away any excess moisturizer, because you don’t want it to accidentally dissolve the eye makeup you want to keep on.

Now, finally you can put on your face!  Concealer, foundation, lipstick!  My advice is to keep everything fairly neutral (a bright pink lip just isn’t quite right for this one), but concentrate on warming up your complexion.  Because black is so intense, it can make your face look pale or tired, but it’s nothing a little bronzer can’t fix!  Give yourself a faux sunkissed glow and loads of mascara, and party like the rockstar you are (or look like!)

For advice on achieving the perfect complexion, check out




Jules - More Than Makeup

Think Like a Makeup Artist

Jules - More Than Makeup

Even as a professional makeup artist, walking into big box cosmetic retail stores or up to a makeup counter can be overwhelming. Thousands of products, pretty packaging, and huge posters marketing the answer to beauty problems that you may not even have - it's sensory overload when you only needed to replace your mascara. So many women sit in my chair and say, "Can I just buy what you are using?!", or "I would like to wear eye liner", but don't because they don't know how. After years of listening to your concerns, I'm creating an alternative option with you in mind.

My passion is makeup and my heart is teaching makeup. With the launch of Jules - More Than Makeup, I'm knocking down the walls of big box retailers and giving you direct access to products I use in my kit. Using step-by-step video tutorials,  I will guide you through my methods and the techniques I teach in private client sessions and to our Dollface by Jules artists. Redy or Not, now is the time to be empowered as I teach you how to think like a makeup artist!

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign launching in September!

Pre-Launch: The Redy or Not Lip Kit

Available Right Now!


*Limited quantity available, buy yours today!

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Not sure how to use this kit? Click Here to check out this quick tutorial by Jules


Dark Circles Be Gone!!!


Most of us have trouble with dark circles, some worst than others due to heredity or allergies. Under eye puffiness and darkness may even be a married couple for some. Personally, concealer is my beauty product that I can’t do without! Funny thing, for the longest time I didn’t even like most of what was available.  It was too heavy, cakey, and it made me look like I had wrinkles instead of dark circles, which is a lateral move in my mind since I don’t want either! Today we are going to learn a few tricks and trade secrets to help combat darkness and puffiness without having wrinkled bags.

Common causes for dark circles:

Lifestyle including lack of sleep, stress, smoking, or heavy drinking


Rubbing or scratching your eyes

Runs in your family

Atop dermatitis (eczema)

Thinning skin or loss of fat and collagen (common with aging)

Using a flat pillow when sleeping

Non-makeup related things to try:

Taking better care of yourself and getting more sleep

Breaking the habit of touching/rubbing your eyes since the eye area is very delicate

Use a pillow that will elevate your head to stop blood from pooling under your eyes

Makeup things to try:


Load your concealer brush with product and place the brush where you need it the most. The inner corner is always going to be the darkest area due to being deep set. Pull the brush down and over to cover more of a pie or triangle shape. This trick will help the concealer look more natural and blended. Pro tip: I love to use a fluffy brush to lightly blend for a flawless finish.  I also love to use a champagne shimmer over the concealer in the inner corner and lightly brushed over the under-eye area. This adds a beautiful light reflective quality, which helps to bounce light giving the appearance of brighter eyes.  

I recommend the following tools for the job:

A concealer brush and a fluffy brush similar to MAC’s cult classic 217.

TEMPTU’s silicon based concealer stick $28, and worth every penny!  Why? The core of the stick is filled with Aloe, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.  Since we don’t have oil glands under our eyes, we tend to see wrinkles faster under the eye. The silicon based makeup lock the makeup into place while the moisturizing core goes to work! All 12 shades are available for order on

Naked Minerals Luminous Highlighter $16.95, available via, is the perfect shade to brighten your under eye as well as other areas of your face. I highly recommend Naked Mineral foundations as well!



I hope this post has been helpful in understanding the why’s and what you can do to combat the dark!


Until next time dolls,

<3 Jules



SPF for your hair...

Have you ever noticed this time of year no matter what you do your hair ends up looking like you’ve stuck you finger in a light socket and your color fades extremely fast? This can be attributed to the heat, extra humidity in the air, and mostly sun exposure. Thankfully we live in 2014 and there are many wonderful products that can help us conquer these problems.

Let’s first talk about what the sun can do to our hair. Like our skin our hair has melanin in it and sun exposure can change the color. When we were children many of us, especially dirty blondes would turn pretty light after several days playing outside. This was mostly a welcome change but now days after spending lots of time and money in the salon if our dark color fades or that fresh blonde turns brassy we are less than satisfied with the outcome. Sun also can damage the cuticle (outer layer of hair) and penetrate the cortex (inner layer) of the hair leaving it dry and brittle leading to broken and split ends. Preventative medicine is the best cure for this problem!

During the heat of the summer months and this time of year with many outdoor activities your hair may respond well to changing shampoos. I would suggest a sulfate free hydrating shampoo and incorporate a weekly hair mask. My go to products are the Surface Bassu Hydrating line. It’s an organic, vegan, paraben free and sulfate free line packed with high quality ingredients that truly performs. I can’t say enough good things about this product line and I love every piece! Check it all out at A drugstore alternative would be L’Oreal Vive Pro shampoo and conditioner, which have UV filters to help protect hair from sun damage.  Every style starts with shampoo and conditioner so contrary to many beliefs it’s very important to invest in good quality shampoos and conditioners that work for your hair type.

When you know that you will be out in the sun for an extended period of time it’s also a good idea to load up on your leave in conditioner or hair oil. My favorite leave in is Surface Protein Cream, while Bumble and Bumble Leave in Conditioner is also a good go to. Rene Furterer Summer Oil is a must for color treated hair. It contains sesame oil, which is a natural product that helps protect the cuticle of the hair, contains UV sunscreen, and is waterproof.  What more could you ask for? And if you’re like me and need a little hairspray before you play try Terax Finishing Spray; it’s light weight and contains UV protectants. Need protection but don’t want to break the bank make your own by adding 2 tablespoons of SPF 30 to a cup of water and use a spray bottle to apply. Coconut oil is also a great hair oil or mask and has an SPF of 4.  Incorporating items like these can help your hair perform much better in the summer heat and humidity especially when you head out on the town for your next special occasion.

Bottom line don’t just protect your skin from the sun this summer take the extra steps to look after you hair and it will thank you later!

Here’s to good hair days ahead! Cheers!



How to Wear a Red Lip!

Now that Summer is upon us in full force, we've been giving you tips on how to look great while you sweat, weither at the gym or walking to your mailbox! Working with your hair & skin during the heated months is a must to save your sanity. In our Summer series, we've talked about less being more and giving your skin a break since you'll be wearing "God's foundation" aka a tan. Taking advantage of not needing to wear a ton is a welcomed break even for makeup junkies like us. Wearing a red lip is one of my favorite tricks for looking fab in a flash, it's the fastest way I know to feel fancy! Here's a video tutorial on different ways to wear a red lip from a stain to super bold. The red lip featured in the video is from my upcoming makeup line "Jules - More Than Makeup". We're currently working on a kickstarter which will launch in September. So.Much.Goodness.Coming.Soon. Watch the video, grab your red lip, spf sun hat, and enjoy looking like a fashionista this Summer! Stay tuned for more makeup news!

Love, Jules