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Recycle & Repurpose Your Makeup!


Did you break your blush but not ready to toss it?  Empty the leftovers it into a container with a lid.  Continue breaking the blush with the end of a screwdriver until it becomes a loose powder free from chunks.  Apply the powder to your cheeks or mix with Vaseline for a cream blush.

You can also slowly add a small amount of alcohol to the powder until it becomes a paste.  Let it sit overnight. When the alcohol evaporates, tah-da!, your blush, bronzer, or eye shadow is back to life!

Brows & Lashes:

Need a brow brush or lash separator?  Love an amazing mascara wand so much you don't want to part ways yet? Try cleaning your old mascara wand with 90%+ alcohol. You can also use the clean wand to tame your brows or comb and separate lashes after applying your new mascara.  This trick will help eliminate any clumps.  


Have an eye shadow you don't dare use on your entire eyelid?  Dip an angled or liner brush into water or mixing medium, then into the shadow.  Brush the color across the lash line for a new liner with some kick! This is a great way to slowly introduce bold colors into your everyday makeup.

 Enjoy the new uses dolls!  Love, Jules


*photos provided by Sephora & Amazon

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Reader Comments (1)

Really amazing tips I had known from this article. It sounds great ideas for me.
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

A webmaster of makeup

April 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterroxannemeyer

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