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How to Make Your Eye Color POP!

When it comes to makeup, one of the most often asked questions is, “What colors should I wear to make my eye color pop?” This week, I will not only tell you how to make your eyes pop, but also show you!

When trying to highlight your eye color, you can either use similar colors or contrasting colors. Using contrasting colors (across from your color on the color wheel) will enhance and brighten your eye color. Using similar colors will make them bright, but not especially “popped”.

Find your eye color below:

Blue eyes:

Contrasting colors: orange, gold, yellow, brown, peach, pink

Similar colors: green, blue

Green eyes:

Contrasting colors: purple, rose, grey, gold

Similar colors: blue, green

Brown eyes:

Contrasting colors: blue, green, pink, peach, purple

Similar color: bronze

When it comes to using eyeshadow in the same color as your eyes, make sure to choose a shade that doesn’t match your eye color exactly. Contrast is what will make your eyes pop!

Pinks and reddish shadows can make eyes look brighter, but use caution! They can also make you look sick. To avoid your shadow looking like irritation, use shimmer colors as opposed to matte, and don't extend the color along the bottom lid.

Don’t forget that these are guidelines, not rules! You can wear whatever colors you want - just be confident in wearing them!

Here are some pictures to help you find a look you like.

Happy coloring, dolls!


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