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Post-Gym Beauty Plan

Every morning I wake up around 7:00, bright eyed and bushy tailed, to drink a spinach smoothie and race to the gym, where I get a healthy dose of enjoyable exercise, igniting me with energy and a confident supermodel strut for the rest of my fun-filled day.

(Sorry, I’ve just fallen to the floor laughing!  Who is this girl?)

So, we fake it until we make it, right?  I can’t really help with the first part of the equation.  I am by no means a willing participant in the getting-out-of-bed process, but I always know it will be worth it.

I can however, help with the last part because endorphins are a very real part of working out.

 If you have errands to run after the gym or you’re in a hurry for a lunch date, here are a couple of products that can reveal how awesome that gym sesh made you feel!


Oxy Maximum Cleansing Acne Treatment Pads

Gross but real life:  sweat can cause acne.  Even if you are showering and changing clothes immediately after your workout, Sir Mix-a-Lot could be singing about how baby got bac-ne, and nobody wants to Zumba to that version.  These little round pads have changed my life.  Their active ingredient, salicylic acid, exfoliates dead skin and keeps those little white heads away!  Everything has cleared up since I started using them.  A quick swipe across my chest, back, and shoulders, and then a second pad over my face, and I’m feeling completely refreshed.  (A neat little trick – I like to use them on my bikini line too to keep ingrowns away!)  Use caution when applying to your face though.  These little guys may be too strong for your particular skin type, but luckily enough, there are several different brands and strengths.  Most of them are under $5 too, so it’s easy to experiment and find what works for you!

Stila HD Beauty Balm

I love this BB cream.  This product is three things I deem absolute necessities for every day wear:  moisturizer, sunscreen, and a light foundation.  I couldn’t be more in love with the idea of carrying only one product that replaces three!  And it does a good job – I’m happier with the coverage level of this product than I have been with several foundations I’ve tried.  My scars are covered, my circles are lightened, my skin is plumped with moisture, and I am protected from the sun, all without feeling like I have makeup on.  I apply a dime sized amount to clean fingers, and massage into my face with circular motions for blending.  One thing to note is to have a paper towel close by if you use this technique – orange fingerprints on gym clothes never work.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Stick

Love this pretty lip color (it’s called Velvety Fuschia), but there’s several to choose from!  I love that it is sheer, a must when you are leaving the gym.  If you apply it from the tube to your lips, then blot with your fingers, you have this beautiful stain that people will wonder about.  I love makeup that keeps people guessing if you have any on!  Another fun idea with this is to put a swipe on the apple of each cheek (that’s the cute round part), and blend over the BB cream with your fingers.  Chances are though, with the natural flush you will have from working out, you won’t even have to do this.

With a swipe of mascara on your top lashes, your beyond minimal makeup will have all your friends wondering if you are pre- or post-gym!  If your hair is another story, check out this blog for tips on making the natural texture work for you.

There’s no better medicine or decision than doing a workout, so never let a little sweat stop you from it!








Sexy Summer Legs!

As I write this, I’ve just gotten home from the gym and chugged a smoothie the color of seaweed, all in the name of preparing for bikini season.  It’s one of my favorite rituals, a spring cleaning of sorts, and nothing is more inspirational (and completely unrealistic) than the bathing suit catalogues that arrive in the mail.  Y’all know what I’m talking about!

Since we don’t get to catwalk around through the lens of a professional camera, strategic poses, and extreme computer photoshopping, a couple of tricks can help us have just a little more confidence when clothing gets scarce.


THE exercise for fast results and definition?  Calf raises!  Stand on your tip toes and raise and lower your feet.  I like to do this while I’m brushing my teeth, because let’s face it – multitasking is the only way anything gets done in my world!


This is the most important step to enhancing the appearance of your legs.  I use exfoliating gloves with a ping pong size glob of St. Ives Apricot Scrub to slough that dead skin off.  Once in a while when I’m feeling creative, I’ll make my own scrub.  The caffeine in coffee is an awesome temporary cellulite smoother, so I will mix coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut oil to not only exfoliate, but smooth and moisturize at the same time.  (Unfortunately there is no proven cure for cellulite, but please know that EVERYONE has it, even supermodels!)  Cell turnover slows as we age, so the older we get, the more important exfoliation becomes.  One important note:  exfoliate before shaving!  You’ll get the closest shave ever!


We are definitely not proponents of tanning beds, but there is an alternative that actually looks fabulous – Fake Bake.  Apply with the mitt to protect your palms, and smooth in after exfoliating and shaving for the longest lasting results.  This color is the prettiest and most natural that I’ve found, and the ease of application is almost too good to be true!  Don’t be in a hurry to get dressed, and to get the darkest color, apply without moisturizer.  (A self-tanner is THE best way to disguise stretch marks!)


I’ve always loved St. Ives moisturizers, and the brand has different levels to suit your personal skin type.  I always want the heaviest moisturizer for my legs, so I use the 24 HR Deep Restoring kind.  I use it every night, but on my self-tanning nights, I skip the lotion.  When they are feeling extra dry, I will apply pure coconut oil, which gives them a gorgeous shine without the greasy feeling of olive or grapeseed oil.  That little bit of sheen from coconut oil also helps visually elongate your legs during the daytime, so it’s your best friend when you are wearing something short.  (Dollface LOVES coconut oil, by the way – search it on the right to find some of our favorite ways to use it!)


Yep, makeup for your legs is absolutely acceptable.  Between spider veins and stretch marks, Temptu Body Camo is my thighs’ biggest ally.  It is water resistant and will last for around two days because of its silicone based formulation.  Can you say perfect for vacation!?  To add a quick tan, don’t be afraid to apply some bronzer.  The same kind you use on your face is fine.  My favorite is The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer - gorgeous color and shimmer perfect for a sunkissed glow.  And if you have just a minute more, apply a highlight in a line down the center of your legs (try The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer).  This creates mile-long gams with a glow that won’t risk any oil on your clothes.

So now that your legs are the envy of everyone at the beach, feel free to strut your stuff.  After all, confidence is the best beauty trick!





Beach Makeup... Yes I'm serious!


It all happened one spring break, when some friends and I took a trip down to Destin. We were just hanging out on the beach when a group of Ole Miss girls walked up and camped out beside us. From that moment on none of my beach days would ever be the same. These girls were decked out… jewelry, hair, makeup, looking fabulous. I knew I would never be able to just roll out of bed and hit the beach again. They had ruined that luxury for me! The next day we Georgia girls showed up and between us all, it looked like a band of traveling gypsies had taken over the beach…haha!

While all of this primping is unnecessary, not to mention uncomfortable for the beach, a little makeup can be a welcome addition to your beach or pool days. Not only does it help to enhance you natural beauty, it can provide a protective layer for your skin as well.

First and foremost start with sunscreen. Before you ever hit the sand apply it head to toe, and don’t forget those ears! It’s much easier to make sure you have it evenly dispersed in the comfort of your room, even before you put your swim suit on. Your face may require a higher SPF than your body and I suggest using nothing less than a 30 for your face. Then you’re ready to apply a thin layer of your face powder to set it. I use Naked Minerals which also has an SPF of 15 in it and provides amazing coverage. Find it at

Next fill in your brows, because let’s face it… They are important! They frame our face, give us definition, and create the illusion of lift. Don’t walk out the door without giving these girls a some TLC. Use a little brow gel or hairspray on an old tooth brush to lock them in place. I skip the mascara because even waterproof can smudge and leave residue.

Then you’re ready to hit the contour areas with some bronzer and finish it off with a little lip stain. My go to is a red created by Jules for her new makeup line, Jules; More than Makeup. It’s my favorite ever and doesn’t move, period. Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain also works well and is available at your local drugstore with lots of color options if red doesn’t suit you.  Skipping the stain and using a SPF for lips is also a good option to think about when headed to the beach. Just make sure you’re protecting those puckers!


 For touch ups I love to keep a powder SPF in my bag, my favorite is by Peter Thomas Roth. Just double click the end and apply all over the face. (The man in your life won’t mind using it either because it is a translucent powder made specifically as a “dry sunblock”, you must say that “dry sunblock”, that doesn’t leave a greasy feel or sweat into the eyes). Hats are also an option that can come with a level of SPF and in tons of fashionable options to help protect your face. Now all you need is a comfy chair and cocktail in your hand!

No matter what your beach style is just make sure your hitting the sand safely with the proper sun protection for your skin.

Happy sunning!



How To Work WITH Your Hair In The Summer

To start this on a positive note, I have technically “good” hair.  It is healthy and thick with enough texture to hold a straight OR curly style. That being said, there is a reason I cut it all off – that texture requires a LOT of styling and patience, and when it grows past my jawline, seems to start expanding instead of lengthening.

 I look forward to summer every year because I've learned that instead of spending those three months battling the humidity with a straightening iron constantly at the ready, frying my oh-so-natural (looking) blonde hair, I can stop stressing with the right products and a little tweak to my haircut.

 Firstly, when spring comes, I start growing out the shorter layers just a little bit.  The best cut for naturally curly short hair is when all the layers are the same length.  Just a warning: this can be a little mullet-esque when straight, so embracing the natural texture of your hair with this cut is key.

I only use two products fresh out of the shower - Redken Guts, this phenomenal root volumizing foam that feels cold on your scalp and is the most fun hair product ever, and It's A 10, a smoothing leave-in conditioner that is excellent for straight or curly hair.

And here are my two best super secret tricks for curls that are pretty and not crunchy or frizzy:

  • Do not brush your hair! Even and especially when it is still wet.  This separates the curls, and they need to dry together so they don't frizz.
  • Wash your hair and apply the product, then plop yourself outside in the sun. I scrunch only a little bit, not much because again it will cause frizz, and let the sun, heat, and humidity do its magic.  This is the true meaning of embracing what nature does to your hair. (Since it is important to keep hydrated in the summer, try making my newest drink obsession for your sit outside:  seltzer water mixed with one of those all-natural flavor packets – the strawberry watermelon flavor is fantastic!)

 Day 1

 And ta-da! It may take a little tweaking to get your own hair to be naturally happy. I can go for about a week between washes with this strategy, and the craziest thing is that it looks better each day, especially after a workout or a pool day. I also scrunch it a little with some water first thing in the morning to get rid of bed head. A tiny curling iron and a smidge of coconut oil can help refine curls for a special night out!


Day 6

 I hope you have lots of luck with this technique, and let me know if you have any questions!




Our Intensive Training - What it Means For You and What it Means to Us!



photo credit: starla dawn

Hello Dolls!

Many of you may not know what goes into being a Dollface Makeup Artist and there's a lot that goes in to it! In 2012 I developed a training program that would require each student to commit to 1000 training hours with me. Yes, you read that correctly- 1000 HOURS over the course of 2 years!! This isn't mandated by the state or by anyone except for me. Why so many hours? Well this mentorship program is a way for our team to become a synergistic unit that can perform exceptionally well in any situation, conditions, and with each other. I can ensure each makeup session is the luxury experience you've come expect from Dollface. And let's be honest, my name is on this whole thing so quality control is extremely important to me! We even have a Dollface Training Faces program in place to offer free makeup to those interested in lending us their face for an hour to practice. The program has been so instrumental in creating situational artists that can feel comfortable with any skin tone and/or condition that is presented to them. Each artist is also challenged to write down their personal goals and we create a POA (plan of attack) on how to achieve their goals. It may sound cheesy, but team work really does make the dream work!

Celebrating Jessica at the South Magazine Gala!

photo credit: jade + matthew take picturesWe recently celebrated the talented, Jessica Mock, on completing the program and 1000 hours! She is well versed in many areas including beauty to special fx. When creating the program, I couldn't have wished/prayed for or dreamed of a more perfect first graduate. Jessica faced many obstacles including a 3 hr round trip commute which she did for well over a year. She worked part time elsewhere but set goals on how to eventually faze that out so she could, for the first time in her life, only work for one place! Jessica has been a shinning superstar that constantly pushes herself past her comfort zones, never says no to a challenge, and inspires everyone around her. She's also one of the sweetest and funniest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Please tweet her your well wishes on her accomplishments, she'd LOVE to hear from you:

We treat this like a serious business because it is, and this is our passion, which is also our livelihood. These days many aspiring artists are looking for ways to avoid training or assisting. It's scary how many use YouTube as their sole source for education. It's a valuable tool, but it will never replace schooling or being an assistant/apprentice. I'm so proud to work with individuals that understand and love education such as myself, Jessica, Emily, Mandy do and I'm looking forward to the future artists that will join #TeamDollface! As always, thank you for your support in our company and for helping us grow!

Til next time dolls,